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Modal Scarf - Winter in Iowa CityI by VIDA VIDA

Terry L. Rhodes, Executive Director

The point is, by saying that some autistic adults are labeled “low-functioning” because we still cannot care for ourselves is denying that we can think. Or should we stop listening to Stephen Hawking’s brilliance and start pitying him?

There are more problems with functioning labels and they start at home. If parents or family members refer to autistic children as “low-functioning” because doctors and other “experts” labeled the children as “severe”, expectations for those children will be always low. My question to parents is: wouldn’t you prefer that your children be treated with respect and have equal opportunities in life? Because YOU set the tone for how your children will be treated. I say “no” to pity and “yes” to presumption of competence.

And there should not be a need to apologize for what might be seen as a flaw in a child’s way of being. Instead of accepting the word of some “experts” that there is an urgent need to “modify” behaviors, work with your children to explore their Shoulder Bag for Women On Sale Red Leather 2017 one size Miu Miu Shoulder Bag for Women On Sale Red Jh4r2f
and improve what really matters to each one of them (and being indistinguishable from peers matters only to the ones who don’t matter: the “experts”)

Note: one needs to know what is autism and what is not. Co-occurrences like GI problems and seizures are not autism and need to be treated (but not with dubious “medicine”, like bleach enemas and the such)

If parents and family members refer to autistic children as “high-functioning”, this can create a big obstacle if those children ever need accommodations, especially when they grow up. They might be dismissed as just quirky or lazy, when in reality they need some accommodations to succeed. Think Temple Grandin not being allowed to use her squeeze machine.

Some children who grow up hearing that they are “so high-functioning” will believe that they are better than other autistics. Not only this is something impossible to measure, it also means a member of a minority group stigmatizing other members of the same group.

But the worst is when parents insist on using “high-functioning” for their children to elevate their status among other autistics. Besides being disrespectful of our accomplishments and our resolve to succeed against many odds, it is disrespectful of their own children’s existence. It is like saying that they love and believe in their children because they are not like “those very low-functioning, pitiful ones”. It disrespects their own children’s right to experience a perceived high need, not dignified of a “high-functioning” autistic. It disrespects their challenges and their hard work to succeed.

Using “high-functioning” is a need of a parent’s affirmation, not an autistic child’s choice, and it does not show acceptance.

There are many more reasons not to use functioning labels . If we want better services for all of us we must recognize that we all have abilities and disabilities, we are all autistic. And we are all human beings. We need to end the stigma of needing supports, or the false assumption that we are less worthy than others because we need life long care.

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Dell Technologies Concludes Strategic Review and Reaches Agreement to Exchange Class V Tracking Stock for Equity or Cash Election Option

ROUND ROCK, Texas , July 2, 2018

News summary

Full story Dell Technologies announced today that it has reached an agreement with its Special Committee of independent directors to exchange the outstanding Class V tracking stock for Class C common stock of Dell Technologies or an optional cash election. Dell Technologies Class C common stock will become publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Dell Technologies will propose to exchange each share of Dell Technologies Class V tracking stock for 1.3665 shares of Dell Technologies Class C common stock, or at the holder's election, $109 in cash, subject to the aggregate amount of cash consideration not exceeding $9 billion . All of the shares of Class V tracking stock of holders who do not opt to receive cash will be converted into Class C common stock, and the Class V tracking stock will be eliminated.

The offer of $109 in cash consideration per share represents a 29% premium to the Class V share closing price prior to announcement and gives holders of Class C common stock the opportunity to participate in Dell Technologies' future value creation. Following the close, current Class V stockholders will own 20.8%-31.0% of Dell Technologies, depending on cash election amounts. Based on an implied value of $109 per share, Dell Technologies, excluding the Class V common stock, had a pre-transaction equity value of $48.4 billion and a pro forma fully diluted equity value of $61.1 – 70.1 billion.

VMware's board of directors, on the recommendation of a special committee of its directors, has voted to declare an $11 billion cash dividend pro rata to all VMware stockholders contingent on satisfaction of the other conditions to the completion of the transaction. Dell Technologies' share of such dividend will be approximately $9 billion . Dell Technologies intends to use the dividend proceeds to finance the cash consideration paid to Class V stockholders, with remaining cash proceeds, if any, being used to fund future share repurchases or debt pay-down.

"I am proud to lead this great company into its next chapter as we continue to evolve and grow to the benefit of our customers, partners, investors and team members," said Michael Dell , Chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies. "Unprecedented data growth is fueling the digital era of IT, and we are uniquely positioned with our portfolio of technologies and services to enable the digital, IT, security and workforce transformations of our customers. Most importantly, I remain deeply committed to this company and working with our world-class team to build the long-term value of Dell Technologies and its businesses." Michael Dell , who currently owns 72% of Dell Technologies common shares, will continue to serve as Chairman and CEO.

The Special Committee said, "Over the last five months, with the assistance of our independent financial and legal advisors, we have conducted a thorough evaluation of a number of alternatives to maximize stockholder value. Throughout the process, we had ongoing discussions and negotiations with Dell Technologies regarding the transaction structure and key value parameters. Following this comprehensive evaluation, we determined that the transaction announced today is the best way to maximize value for all Class V stockholders. The implied value of $109 per Class V share Class V stockholders with a significant and immediate premium as well as the ability to participate in the future upside of Dell Technologies. Further, the option for stockholders to elect up to $9 billion in cash (nearly half of the implied transaction value) provides stockholders the ability to, in whole or in part, obtain certainty on the value received for their shares."

Dell Technologies is experiencing strong positive momentum across its businesses after a period of strong revenue growth, earnings, cash flow and accelerated debt pay-down. In the most recent quarter, the company generated revenue of $21.4 billion , a 19% increase year-over-year, net loss decreased 55% to $0.5 billion and the company generated $2.4 billion of adjusted EBITDA, a 33% increase year-over-year. Over the trailing twelve-month period Dell Technologies generated $82.4 billion of revenue with a net loss of $2.3 billion and cash flow from operations of $7.7 billion .Over the same period, Dell generated $83.5 billion of non-GAAP revenue, $4.8 billion of non-GAAP net income and $9.7 billion of adjusted EBITDA. Dell Technologies has maintained a disciplined pace of deleveraging, having paid down $13 billion of gross debt since its merger with EMC in September 2016 .

Silver Lake, which partnered with Michael Dell in 2013 to execute the largest privatization in the history of the technology industry, currently owns 24% of Dell Technologies' common shares and as part of this transaction will maintain the entirety of its investment in the company.

Egon Durban, Managing Partner and Managing Director of Silver Lake, commented: "We are gratefulto Michael and his management team at Dell Technologies and VMware for their extraordinary performance thathas preceded this transaction, which will enable the company to continue on its accelerating growth trajectory. We are excited that public investors will share in Dell Technologies' dynamic value creation with Silver Lake, which has no plans to seek liquidity and remains an enthusiastic long-term shareholder. Dell Technologies has the most complete and richest portfolio of technology assets spanning all aspects of digital and IT transformation andis strategically positioned to take full advantage of the new era of emerging technology trends including IoT, AI, Machine Learning, 5G, cloud computing and mobility. It is an honor for Silver Lake to be an investor and partner with one of the world's great companies, entrepreneurs and management teams."

A special committee of independent members of VMware's board of directors recommended that the VMware board declare the contingent cash dividend to support the transaction. Dell Technologies believes the elimination of the Class V tracking stock and simplification of the VMware ownership structure is beneficial to VMware Class A public stockholders. VMware Class A public stockholders will also participate pro rata in the significant return of capital. VMware will remain an independent publicly traded company.

"VMware has thrived as part of the Dell Technologies family and has seen tremendous traction and strategic relevance with all customers, resulting in significant revenue growth and financial performance," said Michael Dell . "After the transaction concludes, I am looking forward to VMware's continued independent status, strategy and capital allocation policy for organic investment, MA and shareholder returns."

VMware has benefited from substantial synergies as part of the Dell Technologies family. VMware generated approximately $400 million in growth synergies in FY18 related to its affiliation with Dell Technologies, and in FY19 is on track to achieve $700 million faster than initially expected.

Right Structure for Continued Success

The transaction simplifies Dell Technologies' capital and ownership structure and creates a class of publicly-traded security that reflects the full value of the Dell Technologies family of businesses. As a public company, Dell Technologies has maintained and plans to continue to maintain the same strategic focus on long-term growth that the company had achieved while being privately managed. Dell Technologies' performance showcases the strength of its end-to-end suite of solutions and complementary businesses. Dell Technologies has been recognized by customers as the essential and trusted technology partner, leading to strong financial performance.

Continued Track Record of Success

As Dell Technologies has continued to successfully integrate EMC's businesses, the company has significantly improved its strategic position with deeper customer relationships of increasing size and scope, enhanced its go-to-market reach, accelerated its growth and share gain momentum, and fostered a culture of winning.

Customers will continue to receive the widest technology portfolio from the edge to the core to the cloud, enabling them to digitally transform their businesses. To meet the growing demand of customers and partners to buy solutions across Dell Technologies' family of businesses, the company remains committed to simplifying its offerings and making the full customer experience both easier and faster.

A focus on innovation through continued RD investments and a simplified customer experience has led to Dell Technologies being included in 21 Gartner Magic Quadrants and becoming the leader in 13 of such quadrants, and IDC ranking Dell Technologies #1 in nearly all the areas where it competes.

Conditions to Close

The transaction is subject to approval by Class V stockholders representing a majority of the voting power of the outstanding Class V common stock other than those held by affiliates of Dell Technologies. The transaction is also subject to other customary closing conditions. It is expected to close in the fourth quarter of calendar year 2018.

Investor Conference Call

Dell Technologies will conduct an investor conference call at 8:00 a.m. ET / 7:00 a.m. CT today, July 2, 2018 . To listen to the live webcast, please visit Dell Technologies' Investor Relations site . The webcast presentation will be archived.


Goldman Sachs Co. LLC is acting as financial advisor to Dell Technologies. J.P. Morgan and Perella Weinberg Partners are acting as financial advisors to VMware. Evercore Partners is acting as financial advisor to the Special Committee of independent directors of the Board of Directors of Dell Technologies, and Lazard is acting as financial advisor to the Special Committee of independent directors of the Board of Directors of VMware. Simpson Thacher Bartlett LLP is acting as legal advisor to Dell Technologies and Silver Lake, and Latham Watkins LLP is acting as legal advisor to the Special Committee of independent directors of the Board of Directors of Dell Technologies. Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen Katz is acting as legal advisor to Michael Dell and MSD Partners. Morrison Foerster, LLP is acting as legal advisor to VMware, and Gibson, Dunn Crutcher LLP is acting as legal advisor to the Special Committee of independent directors of the Board of Directors of VMware.

Additional resources

About Dell Technologies Dell Technologies is a unique family of businesses that provides the essential infrastructure for organizations to build their digital future, transform IT and protect their most important asset, information. The company services customers of all sizes across 180 countries – ranging from 99 percent of the Fortune 500 to individual consumers – with the industry's most comprehensive and innovative portfolio from the edge to the core to the cloud.


Dell Media Contacts



Proxy Solicitor: Scott Winter / Art Crozier Innisfree MA Incorporated 212-750-5833


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Eligible juniors and seniors may apply for up to $2,000 in SPUR funding to support their own research project. Students may initiate their own proposal for independent research, for research as part of the CNR Honors Program, or may modify a faculty-initiated project from the SPUR website. Students may only apply once for student-initiated SPUR funding during their time in CNR.

It is the student’s responsibility to find an appropriate faculty mentor well in advance of the semester in which the project is to be initiated. The student's faculty research mentor must belong to a CNR department: Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE), Energy Resources Group (ERG), Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (ESPM), Plant Microbial Biology (PMB), or Nutritional Science Toxicology (NST). Submitting a research project proposal and a detailed research budget (approved by the student’s faculty research mentor), is a required part of the application process. Recipients of student-initiated SPUR funding are also required to present their research at a Statement Bag KENTE STATEMENT BAD by VIDA VIDA iNXdwbPA

Before You Apply:

Preparing and Submitting Your Student-Initiated Proposal:

Program Requirements:

Student Eligibility Students must be in the College of Natural Resources at the time of application. Intended CNR students are not eligible until declared. Students must have junior or senior standing (completed 4 semesters in attendance) and a minimum 3.0 overall GPA to apply. Transfer students may apply after one semester at Berkeley has been completed.

Funding is available for continuing students only. If a graduating senior is on the spring degree list, they are not eligible to apply for funding the summer after graduation. If a graduating senior is on the summer degree list, they are eligible to apply for summer SPUR funding.

Appropriate Use of Funding SPUR funding may be used to cover lab supplies and expenses, travel costs (mileage/air fare) to domestic research sites, conference registration fees (if presenting a poster or paper), etc. SPUR funds will not pay for personal laptops, digital cameras, and similar personal equipment except in extraordinary circumstances. If you plan to apply for SPUR funding to cover travel costs, please see the SPUR coordinator.

Any equipment that is approved for purchase with SPUR funding will be considered property of the University of California and will remain with the student's faculty mentor. Funding shall not be used for student stipends or honoraria, nor to cover rent, food or other living expenses in the Bay Area.

SPUR and the CNR Honors Program The CNR Honors Program is designed to support undergraduate students interested in developing, executing, and evaluating a year-long independent research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor. CNR encourages students applying to the Honors Program to apply for SPUR funding if financial assistance is needed. The deadline to submit the CNR Honors Program Enrollment Form to the student’s undergraduate staff advisor is the end of the third week of instruction. SPUR student-initiated project deadlines are much earlier, so advance planning is required. See the calendar for deadlines.

Special Note for Students in the Environmental Sciences (ES) Major The SPUR program was created to encourage CNR undergraduates to gain research experience. Environmental Sciences students have such undergraduate research experience built in as a required part of the major with the year-long Senior Research Seminar (ESPM 175A/B/L). Students receiving SPUR funding must be enrolled in independent study units under course numbers 195, 199, or H196. Research conducted as part of the ESPM 175A/L or ESPM 175B/L seminar does not qualify. However, since no enrollment in course units is required for SPUR-sponsored summer research, ES juniors and seniors may apply for SPUR funding to support summer research and data collection in preparation for their ES Senior Research Seminar.

Preparing Your Proposal and Budget Students are strongly advised to begin the process of identifying a faculty mentor and project well in advance, preferably in the semester preceding the one in which the student project will begin. Faculty mentors are encouraged to provide guidance and feedback to students who approach them during this preparatory process.

During the preceding semester, students are encouraged to:

Faculty Mentor Responsibility SPUR funding is paid out to the faculty mentor’s research account. No funding shall be paid out directly to students so as not to disadvantage students on financial aid, for whom the grant or stipend amount would be deducted from their financial aid package for the year.

By approving the budget for a student-initiated project, the faculty mentor indicates that s/he will be responsible for assisting the student with accessing their research funds. The faculty mentor also agrees to be responsible for covering any overexpenditure of the SPUR grant. However, if some of the SPUR grant remains unused by the end of the project’s completion, the funds will remain in the faculty mentor’s research account and can be used toward other purposes.

After the student submits their student-initiated project, the faculty mentor must log on to the SPUR website to approve the student's project. The approval serves as the faculty mentor’s agreement to participate as the research mentor, as well as their approval of the proposed research budget. If the project is approved, students will be directed to contact their faculty mentor for departmental guidelines on how to access research funds (departmental purchase order or reimbursement guidelines and procedures). This process varies by department.

Proposal Submission and the Review Process When the submission cycle opens, students must log on to the SPUR website and select the Submit a Student-Initiated Project tab to create a new project. The research proposal and budget, as well as a copy of the student's unofficial transcript, must be uploaded to the website. Once uploaded, the faculty mentor must also log on to approve the student's project in order to be considered.

Research project proposals will be reviewed by a committee comprised of the Assistant Dean, Associate Dean, Executive Associate Dean, and the SPUR Coordinator. Projects are evaluated on the strength of the research proposal, the thoroughness of the proposed budget, and the student's academic performance. Students will be notified of the committee's decision by email.

Enrolling in Research Units The SPUR program requires students with approved projects to enroll in research units by the end of the fifth week of instruction. Funds are not released to faculty mentor accounts until the SPUR coordinator has verified that all students are enrolled in units.

The faculty mentor and student must complete the Leather Passport Case Purple Owl by VIDA VIDA dAOk81K1
and submit to 260 Mulford Hall. The department on the application must correspond to the faculty mentor's department. The number of units are determined between the student and faculty mentor. One unit is the equivalent of three hours of research to be conducted per week. 99/199 units may only be taken on a P/NP basis. If the student is participating in the CNR Honors Program, they must be enrolled in H196 units by the enrollment deadline.

During the summer term, students are not required to enroll in units. In lieu of enrolling in units, students may submit a SPUR Summer Learning Contract , signed by their faculty mentor, to the SPUR Coordinator no later than the last day of instruction of the preceding spring semester. For an overview of summer application deadlines, please see the calendar.

Awarding of the SPUR Grant No funding shall be paid out to students directly so as not to disadvantage students on financial aid, for whom the grant or stipend amount would be deducted from their financial aid package for the year.

During the fifth week of instruction, the SPUR Coordinator verifies that the student has enrolled in the required units before SPUR funds are awarded. The appropriate departmental and Dean's Office financial officers will also be notified of the amount of funding being awarded to each project. The SPUR grant will be transferred to the faculty mentor’s research account during the 7th week of instruction. Students are urged to work with their faculty mentor if funding is needed earlier in the semester.

It is the faculty mentor’s responsibility to guide the student through departmental procedures for submitting purchase orders or reimbursement requests.

Final Grades and End of Semester Report Students are required to provide feedback on their experience with the SPUR program. These reports are submitted online through the SPUR website. With the researchers’ permission, feedback may be shared with the CNR alumni who donated the funds that support the SPUR program. End of semester reports are due on the last day of instruction. See the deadlines calendar for exact dates.

Faculty mentors are not required to submit a final report for student-initiated projects, but they are required to report the student's grade on CalCentral at the end of the term.

Sharing Your Research at the CNR Poster Session Undergraduates benefiting from this collaboration with faculty mentors and from the generous financial support of CNR alumni are required to share their completed or in progress research project with the CNR community in the form of a research poster. The research poster summarizing the project and (expected) results may be presented at the fall or spring Foldaway Tote Buttons of Love 15 by VIDA VIDA pacXBUSJpE
. The SPUR Coordinator will send out information regarding poster session dates, registration, and printing.

research project proposal

Event Details

FIT is an orientation for all clients participating in Homeownership Counseling Services. FIT is a comprehensive, classroom-based, consumer education curriculum that will provide you with the building blocks needed for

FIT is an orientation for all clients participating in Homeownership Counseling Services. FIT is a comprehensive, classroom-based, consumer education curriculum that will provide you with the building blocks needed for sound financial management! Clients wishing to enroll should contact Louisville Urban League’s Center for Housing and Financial Empowerment at (502)566-3362.


(Thursday) 10:00 am - 12:30 am

Sterling Silver Diamond Ring Lynn Ban LL3WQmXx4

Louisville Urban League

1535 W Broadway

printed tie Multicolour Gieves amp; Hawkes 1xcR94Gg 1535 W Broadway

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Emerging Leadership Development Training for the Formerly Incarcerated

14 jul allday 15 Emerging Leadership Development Training for the Formerly Incarcerated

Event Details

JustLeadershipUSA (JLUSA)is dedicated to cutting the US correctional population in half by 2030. JLUSA empowers people most affected by incarceration to drive policy reform. Emerging Leadership Development Training

JustLeadershipUSA (JLUSA) is dedicated to cutting the US correctional population in half by 2030. JLUSA empowers people most affected by incarceration to drive policy reform.

Emerging Leadership Development Training for the Formerly Incarcerated JLUSA believes that America’s most challenging barrier to expansive, systemic criminal and juvenile justice reform is the absence of clear and consistent leadership by those who have been directly affected by our failed criminal justice policies. Through our Emerging Leaders trainings and our 12-month Leading with Conviction training , JLUSA is building a nationwide network of advocates and organizers united by a shared vision for justice reform.

Emerging Leaders are highly motivated individuals with a strong commitment to making a real difference in their community of choice. Typically, they are just stepping into their role as organizational and/or community leaders and must simultaneously juggle their professional development needs with their desire to make real change. Our regional Emerging Leaders trainings are professional sessions with a skilled facilitator and a dynamic and participatory agenda.

While not required, participants with the following characteristics are most successful and gain most from Emerging Leaders training:


july 14 (Saturday) - 15 (Sunday)


Metro United Way

334 E Broadway

JustLeadershipUSA 1900 Lexington Ave. New York, NY 10035

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Financially In Tune (F.I.T)

17 jul 5:30 pm 8:00 pm Financially In Tune (F.I.T)

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