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At the start of this tour, in London in January 1984, Judas Priest performs “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin”:

While far worse disasters have occurred at concerts in the form of actual riots, stampedes, and deaths, deliberate acts of vandalism that came on the heels of Priest’s 1984 Garden show briefly became part of the metal concert-going experience in the New York / New Jersey area. Seats were also slashed during a Kiss concert at the Garden in December 1985, as well as another Priest gig at the Meadowlands in June 1986, just six days after the show featured in Heavy Metal Parking Lot . On this particular night, seats were torn apart and in some cases ripped out completely.

Immediately following the show as fans made their way through the parking lot, damage was done to the footbridge connecting two sides of the Meadowlands sports complex when sections of the walls were pounded and kicked in, and floorboards stomped out. Nine months later at the Meadowlands, fans turned over cars in the parking lot and torched two of them after an Iron Maiden show.

Remarkably, the short-lived period of copycat vandalism was exclusive to the Tri-State area and never spread throughout the country. Perhaps we owe that to a pre-Internet world where news traveled slow and local and regional incidents didn’t make it too far past the scene of the crime. And although every town and venue at some point has some sort of shit go down, the possibility of a nationwide trend never transpired.

Thirty-four years later, an argument is made that these metal fans have entered the geriatric stage of life and have learned how to behave themselves, and there is now an on-going effort led by fans through petition to lift the ban and allow Judas Priest to get themselves back to the Garden.

Judas Priest Website

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Heavy Metal

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Mike Derrico

Mike Derrico is a freelance writer, rock and pop culture historian, and musician living in Central Jersey. He is host of the Rock Under Fire podcast, as well as the upcoming Retrospeak podcast.

Civil unrest

Papua and West Papua Provinces (high risk)We advise against all tourist and other non-essential travel to Papua and West Papua provinces. The security situation remains unpredictable and there is a risk of kidnapping. Political tensions associated with anti-government groups and local rivalries can lead to violent clashes. Sporadic violence has occurred in Papua province, mainly in Jayapura, parts of the central highlands, around the Grasberg mine and on the road between Timika and Grasberg. Clashes between security service personnel and civilians, and between groups of civilians, have resulted in deaths and injuries. If you are travelling to Papua or West Papua provinces, a travel permit known locally as a “surat jalan” is required. Should you need medical attention, limited facilities are available.

Papua and West Papua Provinces

Seismic Activity Indonesia is located in an active seismic zone and is prone to earthquakes, with the potential threat of tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. Slips, flooding and landslides can occur with little warning, commonly in mountainous and remote areas, but also in urban areas. There are a number of active volcanoes in Indonesia and many have high alert levels which, at times, can necessitate evacuations. These volcanoes erupt from time to time and in the past have caused destruction and loss of life. Ash clouds have also caused disruptions to flights.

Seismic Activity

Mount Agung, an active volcanoon the island of Bali has shown increased volcanic activity since September 2017. The volcano continues tobe activeand the alert levelof Indonesia's Natural Disaster Management Authority can change with little warning.

New Zealanders are advised to exercise caution, check news reports and follow local advice before travelling to areas within Indonesia that are prone to volcanic activity.Daily updates (in Indonesian) can be found on the Indonesian Directorate of Volcanology and Geological Mitigations website and Smithsonian Institution ’s weekly updates. More information is available from the Humanitarian Early Warning Service.

Crime Petty crime is common in Indonesia, including in Bali.Incidents of bag-snatching and pick-pocketing occur and canturn violent.Ensure your personal belongings, passports and other travel documents are secure when walking in public areas and travelling on public transport. Exercise caution, particularly at night.

Credit card fraud, including skimming, is common in Indonesia. We recommend New Zealanders take extra care when using credit cards and ATMs and carefully check credit card statements for fraudulent charges.

There have been incidences of both tourists and Indonesians becoming seriously ill from food and drink spiking. Do not leave food or drink unattended or accept any food or drink from strangers or recent acquaintances.

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