October 7, 2022

Pustovyi, from UCAM CB: “I want to show that my signing has been a success”

Murcia, Sept 22 (EFE).- Artem Pustovyi, player of the UCAM Murcia Club Basketball, has acknowledged that he wants to “demonstrate” that his signing has been “a success” and has highlighted “the very good squad” that has been made and “the level of demand being on this team poses.

The Ukrainian spindle, 30 years old on June 25 and 2.18 meters tall, who arrives in the capital Segura from Gran Canaria after having previously passed Obradoiro and Barça, was presented this Thursday in the facilities of COC Ophthalmological Clinics, sponsor of the club for the thirteenth consecutive year.

Pustovyi was accompanied by Ramón Megías, manager of the COC and institutional vice president of the UCAM CB, who welcomed him. “You’ve been to other clubs, but you’re not going to play anywhere like this one,” he told him.

The player then took the floor and started talking about his new team.

“I know UCAM CB quite well because there have been quite a few clashes over the years. I know how much demand it is to be on this team and you have to work hard and hard and that’s what suffered as a rival,” he said.

Referring to the university staff, he emphasized that it is “very good”.

“We have incredibly good guards, perimeter players who are shooters and interiors with different profiles. It’s a complete block to have a good season,” he added.

The one from Sofivska followed the orders of the coach, Sito Alonso, once his participation in the European Championship that the Spanish team won was over. “I was one of the last to arrive and I’m focused on learning the systems and we’ll go deeper into the conversations with the coach. Even if I was always in the Eurobasket, I knew I had to reach the end in the best possible shape to face this season, which is so important for me and for UCAM CB,” he noted.

In addition, he has noted that he intends to leave those who chose his recruit in a good place and has acknowledged that Nemanja Radovic, who was already his team-mate at Obradoiro, had a hand in his arrival.

“I want to show that my signing has been a success and with regard to Nemanja, who is a good friend of mine, I have to say that before signing, I asked him questions about the club and the city and everything he did. told me convinced me. i”.

“When he retires, he can be a great agent,” he joked, while “happy to be back together and confident that he will be one of the key players on the team.”

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