October 7, 2022

Cristina Fernández denounces “lies and slander” in her trial

Buenos Aires (EFE) .- Argentina’s Vice President Cristina Fernández denounced this Friday, when she denounced the “lies, slander and defamation” in which she confronted the Public Prosecutor’s Office. had assured that he asked for 12 years in prison against her in August last year.

“I want to make a formal request to this court so that at the end of the hearings, testimony is obtained from all the lies of the prosecutors as opposed to the documentary, expert and testimonies that this trial had,” said Fernández. before the Oral Court in Federal Criminal 2 of Buenos Aires, adding that this is “a clear case of prevarication (prevarication)”.

Via videoconference from her office in the Senate, the chamber of which she heads, Fernández testified in her own defense during the plea phase of the trial she faces over the alleged irregular award of public works during her term as president (2007-2015 ), when barely three weeks have passed since the failed attack of which he was the victim at the gates of his house.

“Lies, slander and slander,” said Fernández

In her speech, the leader of the kirchnerist Peronism, who for years has maintained that she is a victim of political and judicial persecution, devised by the government of Mauricio Macri (2015-2019), said: congratulated his lawyerswho made their accusations this week, demonstrating “lies, slander and slander.”

“In that same court, prosecutors and judges (football) play in former President Macri’s fifth (estate) and nobody seems to be surprised,” the vice president launched, who is being prosecuted in several cases, only one of which, this one, is known. as “Causa vialidad”, in which there are 13 defendants, has an open trial.

Fernández is charged with committing crimes of unauthorized association and fraudulent management of public funds, due to alleged irregularities in the concession of 51 public works to businesses owned by businessman Lázaro Báez during her tenure and that of her husband, the late Néstor Kirchner (2003 – 2007), in the southern province of Santa Cruz, the political cradle of Kirchnerism.

“To pull my hair out of this process, they pulled the Constitution, the Criminal Code, the Civil Code, administrative law, case law, logic, everything by the hair. It’s really bullshit. This doesn’t help, it complicates a country, makes it unserious, almost ridiculous,” said the Argentine vice president.

In the vice president’s view, this alleged “illegal association has neither head nor tail, but is essentially deeply unconstitutional, deeply anti-Republican, and deeply anti-federal,” convinced that they, along with her husband, were elected by the people and could not be “never an unauthorized association”.

Web Edition: Maria Fernanda Rueda D.

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