October 7, 2022

Delibes’ manuscripts are being restored

By Roberto Jimenez |
Valladolid (EFE).- The linguistic economy he applied to his work, Miguel Delibes also extended to the paper where he always wrote by hand: sheets made with paper left over from the reams where El Norte de Castilla was printed, which, because of its composition, it deteriorates easily and shows serious conservation problems.

For this reason, the aim of the Miguel Delibes Foundation to restore from 2023 all the manuscripts of his books that he keeps in his archive, including that of “El hereje” (1998), a novel that will be a quarter of a century old next year and which will be the subject of preferential attention with a great exhibition.

Archival image of Miguel Delibes at his home, during an interview with Agencia EFE.

The historian Mario Crespo, author of the edition and critical study of “El hereje”, published by the Cátedra label, will be the curator of this exhibition that will open in the last quarter of 2023 with a threefold philosophical, historical and geographical aspect based on original collections from different files.

It will show the reality of 16th-century Castile, a time when that advocacy of liberty of conscience that Delibes signed at the end of his life and work is being recorded and harshly placed in the Protestant focus that then existed in Valladolid. suppressed, said the director of the Miguel Delibes Foundation, Fernando Zamácola.

This exhibit, which does not yet have a location and which coincides with the opening of the foundation’s new headquarters, will remain open for “five or six months” and will initially feature a restored manuscript of “El hereje”, spanning more than seventy pages. affected by a flood that ravaged the writer’s home in June 2011.

The foundation keeps all manuscripts

Except “The shade of the cypress is long”, the first novel “the foundation preserves all manuscripts” which, due to the acidic composition of the paper used by Delibes, easily deteriorate, Zamácola explained at a press conference in which he presented the planned activities for the 2022/2023 academic year.

Among them is the digital edition of a dictionary of terms, expressions, words, and phrases included in the novels, essays, and articles related to peasant language, topography, flora, fauna, and hunting jargon, among others.

Another planned activity is the broadcast, starting on October 5 on the channel La 8 Valladolid of Radio Televisión Castilla y León, of short two or three minute readings of fragments of works by Miguel Delibes that are exchanged between programs and institutional representatives, from the cultural field and citizens will play the leading role.

“We want to show that we are all readers of Delibes”, while promoting the reading and knowledge of his works and “showing his connection to all sectors of society”, he specified.

“The voices of Delibes”, the motto of this initiative, will initially consist of 45 videos that will circulate for about a year and a half.

shared memories

On October 17, the writer’s date of birth, the “shared memories” project begins in Molledo (Cantabria), the birthplace of “El camino”, eight intergenerational meetings between adults and adolescents to exchange knowledge.

Delibes pauses in the interview and meditates on the answer

Finally, among other activities, the Miguel Delibes Foundation will open on October 14 in Valladolid the exhibition “Beyond the novels”, produced by the Community of Madrid and focusing on theater and cinema as the novelist’s personal and literary axes.

His association with the cinema as an amateur, extra, dubbing actor, critic and cartoonist, will share thematic space with other areas devoted to theatrical and cinematographic adaptations of his novels, and will include as novelty the screening of “El camino” (1963) ), the first film version of a Delibes story directed by Ana Mariscal, has found her son. EFE

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