October 7, 2022

France imposes a minimum of three euros for every shipment of Amazon books

Paris (EFE).- France plans to force Amazon and other platforms to set a minimum of three euros for shipping costs when buying books, a measure that aims to protect traditional bookstores and promote the grouping of orders as an ecological gesture.

The Ministries of Economic Affairs and Finance and Culture announced on Friday that they will follow the recommendation of the Authority for the Regulation of Electronic Communications, Post and Press Distribution to set that minimum rate for shipping costs for orders up to 35 euros.

The provision completes a law passed in 2021 that will prevent companies from giving away book shipping costs to balance competition from the publishing industry in the digital age against the power of online giants like Amazon against traditional bookstores.

Sign for an Amazon Books store. EFE/EPA/John G. Mabanglo/Archive

After consultation with the industry, the sale of books online will be subject to a minimum charge of at least three euros, taxes included, for any purchase of less than 35 euros, without affecting in-store withdrawal orders.

This measure mainly affects giants like Amazon, which are able to bill the home delivery service for amounts like a cent of a euro, as it has done so far.

France will notify the European Commission of this provision and, once it gets the green light from Brussels, the minimum rate will come into effect six months after its publication in the Official Gazette.

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