October 7, 2022

Galicia announces 50% discount on wealth tax

Sabón (A Coruña), Sep 23 (EFE).- The president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, announced on Friday a 50% discount on the wealth tax in Galicia, adding 25% to the 25% already applied .

Rueda held a conference entitled ‘Competitiveness and innovation for a more secure Galicia’ at the Economic Forum of La Voz de Galicia and pointed out that in the budgets presented in Parliament on Tuesday, “more than 13,000 million euros” with specific items that “are going to protect people”.

In particular, it has put forward that the wealth tax, which according to the Galician tax authorities must be paid by those with assets or rights worth more than 2 million euros, will have a bonus that will amount to 50%.

Currently, as he said, he already enjoys a 25% bonus, with another 25% added until the aforementioned 50% is reached.

“It is much better to lower taxes than to raise them,” he has defended, stating that there are “incentives” in Galicia to create “a favorable environment” for certain issues, such as the demographic challenge.

Asked if he will cut fuel taxes, which are at the highest level in Galicia, he said budgets are still in the works, although he clarified that “the Xunta cannot achieve everything or do everything alone. “

At the conference, Rueda believed that society has a series of “challenges” that are “not easy at all”, with issues such as the price of gas, inflation or the performance of European funds, where “the only thing that is a certainty today is doubt , insecurity”.

“What has been built in recent years, in recent decades, is at least faltering,” he assured.

Faced with this situation, the Galician president sees three options: a “triumphalist attitude that denies the dangers”, linking, without citing it, to the government, another “catastrophist” with a “more great speech without offering solutions” and, finally, the “way of the ‘sentidiño'”, which is his.

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