October 7, 2022

Galicia launches for offshore wind energy

Santiago de Compostela, Sept. 22 (EFE).- Galicia is launching itself for offshore wind power with a 30 megawatt pilot plant located ten kilometers from the outer port of A Coruña, the first of these features in Galician waters and which will be “compatible” with fishing activity and environmental conservation.

The president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, explained in the press conference after the Consello de la Plate that it is a joint initiative with the port of A Coruña and Red Eléctrica.

Rueda has asked the government to approve the offshore wind management plan as soon as possible, which will determine the locations and characteristics of this type of facility, in order to authorize its implementation in the community without experimental.

Exportable experience in offshore wind

The head of the Galician Executive has indicated that Galicia, especially Ferrolterra, is a leader in industrial and technological development related to offshore wind energy for other countries so that the community could benefit from this capacity.

In his speech, Rueda recalled that 75% of the energy produced in Galicia already comes from renewable sources, a target set for Europe as a whole by 2030, and emphasized that the goal is to reach 100% by the 2050s.

Regulations and planning

The planned investment in the factory with which Galicia is launching itself to experiment with offshore wind energy is 12 million euros and its start-up will serve to “buy time” and gain experience for when the installation of these platforms is finally approved for use Commercial use.

According to Rueda, the deadline for submitting the European Commission’s plan for Spain will expire at the end of the year. them” and it is necessary “a lot of planning”

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