October 7, 2022

Jane Goodall: Young people have in their hands to improve today’s world

Valencia, Sept 23 (EFE).- British primatologist Jane Goodall believes the future of the planet is in the hands of young people, as they “have in their hands to improve the present world”, and although she warns against the global problem of climate change emphasizes that hope is the last thing to be lost.

During a telematics intervention organized in Valencia by elDiario.es during the tenth anniversary festival, Goodall, one of the greatest science communicators of recent decades, spent half an hour in review on questions from the deputy director of this medium, María Ramírez , various current issues, while also reviewing his extensive background.

Goodall is best known for her six decades of research into the social and familial intentions of wild chimpanzees in Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park, although she has now become a social media influencer with a million followers. the environmental problems affecting the planet.

This Friday, he recalled that he traveled to Tanzania with his mother (“she was a very young woman and that opened doors for me, because many people wanted to help me”) and pointed out that when he arrived in that country, his goal was “to study the behavior so much like humans that chimpanzees have”.

And talking about his travels to the rest of Africa, he emphasized how they realized when they arrived that they had to “help people make a living, to have tools to care for forests and save animals.”

Regarding the current situation of the planet, he pointed out that climate change is a common problem: “We all eat and breathe, and for that we depend on the natural environment; That’s why you have to take care of it.”

That’s why Goodall has emphasized that the most important thing is “never lose hope”, and shared the four elements that enable him to fulfill that maxim: “Young people are fundamental, because they are aware, they know the problems. and it’s up to them to save the world; the extraordinary intentions of scientists’ innovative intentions; the resilience of nature and the struggle of humans to do the impossible.”

Regarding the social movement against climate change that Greta Thunberg has led, she emphasized “the anger” that the young woman uses in her interventions, despite the fact that in her opinion “it is not the right method to reach people”, and she explained that what needs to be done is to “tell stories with a heart and convey values ​​of respect for others, for the environment and for animals”.

Regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the primatologist recalled growing up during World War II: “The United Kingdom was attacked by the Nazis, but Churchill aroused the fighting spirit among the British, and now he is doing that with Zelensky Ukraine. You have to people with hope.”

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