October 7, 2022

Pedro Sánchez: Sooner or later we will bend the inflation curve

Valencia, Sept. 23 (EFE).- The government president, Pedro Sánchez, assured on Friday that Spain will bend its inflation curve “sooner rather than later” like that of the coronavirus, defending that the “major uncertainties” emerging from the war in Ukraine are confronted “with the realization that they are on the right side of history”.

Sánchez, speaking in Valencia to the tenth anniversary event of elDiario.es, pointed out that when peace returns to Ukraine and Europe, Spain will have known how to prepare and take advantage of this time, and be more competitive by promoting labor “dignity”, of the areas, of the students or of the academic staff.

He has argued that, unlike those who “always defended and continue to defend that in Spain and in all its territories you can only compete by cutting wages, cutting rights and giving tax gifts to the richest minority”, in a few years You will see that “there is no wealth more solid than that of shared well-being”.

“No greater progress than achieving justice and dignity, alongside higher growth rates,” said Sánchez, who opposed the “diametrically different” response given a decade ago to the crisis, which saw the social majority at the expense of the advantage of a minority, and the advantage given to the present.

Faced with the response based on “neoliberal dogmatism”, he has indicated that the social democracy paradigm aimed at strengthening the welfare state has allowed Spain to have more workers today than before the pandemic.

The president has assured that he has “fought” at the start of the containment of the pandemic to forge a “strong and supportive” response in Europe to this crisis, and policies to defend the social majority.

Sánchez has emphasized that, where there used to be a bank bailout, the governments of Europe are now considering an extraordinary tax on large companies, financial entities or large energy companies, so that there is a redistribution of efforts and that those who contribute most to the to finance the welfare state.

He confirmed that where there was an arbitrary increase in VAT, there is now a “fair burden sharing” so that the middle and working class is not sacrificed again, and where there was “lack of solidarity and north-south sharing” , today a joint response with the delivery of the covid vaccine.

“Where there was amnesty and tax incentives for the rich, there will be tax reforms that ensure that those who benefit more from public finances have a much stronger welfare state,” Sánchez insisted.

The president has pointed out that policies to get out of the crisis have left a threefold fracture in the past: that of “ruthless cuts” in social services, the bailout of banks and tax amnesty for major fraudsters, and “unbearable corruption.” “, like the one who lived, he said, the Valencian Community.

Finally, he stressed that the progressive coalition government is not delaying social conquest, not allowing territorial disputes to fester, instead of imposing dialogue, and is not looking for excuses to delay homework.

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