October 7, 2022

Rudy was inspired by Phil Knight’s book Raúl gave him

Victor Marti |

Barcelona, ​​​​​​(EFE).- Rudy Fernández, captain of the Spanish basketball team, won his eleventh medal in Berlin, the sixth gold, led a new generation on the court and was inspired by the resilience of Nike founder Phil Knight and his autobiography ‘Never Stopping’. A book, gifted to him by Raúl González Blanco and his family, who accompanied him in concentration and served as encouragement in a tournament that ended with the spectacular victory in the final against France (88-76).

‘Never stop’. It is the story of Phil Knight’s business improvement, which fits perfectly into the unexpected trajectory of the Spanish team. A title that stunned and amazed European basketball witnessed a revolution of a concept, the family, as the archetype of a human group, led in HR management of the Federation leadership by Jorge Garbajosa and on the bench by Sergio Scariolo.

Rudy was moved at the celebration, recalling his late father. During the Eurobasket, between triple and triple, Rudy Fernández enjoyed a book that illustrates the start, the start and the success of the North American multinational.

The pace in a basketball championship is frenetic. Matches every two days, training sessions, recovery sessions, meetings to analyze the rivals, appearances with the media and, above all, the players also enjoy free time.

In the concentration of the selection, Sergio Scariolo’s pupils played to the ‘pocha’; (the card game), they watch TV series, they walked through Tbilisi, the city where Spain played the group stage, and Berlin -site of the qualifiers- and they also had free time to read.

‘Never stop’, in his suitcase

In the suitcase of Captain Rudy Fernández to face a long concentration, a book is never missing. ‘Never stop’, the autobiography of the founder of Nike, has been taken for this edition of the Eurobasket.

The Mallorcan escort became interested in the figure of the founder of the American multinational after reading excerpts from Tiger Woods’ biography. But the book ‘Never stop’ was not bought by Rudy, but rather a gift from the family of Raúl González Blanco, one of his neighbors in Madrid.

In his memoirs, Phil Knight first tells the story behind the sporting goods company he founded in 1962 and which charges billions of dollars 60 years later.

It all started with a simple idea from a young Oregon man who wanted to import high-quality athletic shoes from Japan. From invoicing 8,000 euros in the first year of life, the company went public in the early 1980s. And this is especially the period that Knight tells in the book that appeared in the United States in 2016.

Twenty years in which, according to the story of the founder of Nike, he took a lot of risks and had multiple setbacks such as distribution problems and fierce competition. And, of course, the process of creating the name of the brand, which changed from the Blue Ribbon name to adopting its current name in honor of the Greek goddess of victory, Nike, is explained in the 1970s.

It all stemmed from a dream of Jeff Johnson, a classmate Knight worked with, who jumped into bed in the middle of the night and saw the name in front of him, as explained in the book.

Knight’s memoir captivated Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who called it a “refreshingly honest reminder of what the path to business success really is like.”

“It’s a messy, dangerous and chaotic journey full of mistakes, endless struggles and sacrifices. The one thing that page after page of Knight’s story seems inevitable is that his company will end in failure,” Gates wrote in his blog. And yet, 60 years after his idea, Knight amasses a fortune of more than $40 billion, according to the Forbes list.

His story has captivated Rudy Fernández, Nike’s “husband” since his early years as a professional.

At 37, the Real Madrid player is the leader both on and off the floor of a Spanish team under construction. Without the brothers Gasol and Ricky Rubio, the Spanish basketball legend has gathered together a young and inexperienced group that has revolutionized the Eurobasket.

As in Knight’s case, the history of the Spanish basketball team in the 2022 Eurobasket would also deserve a book.

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