October 7, 2022

TSJN chairman: ‘There is no room for more courts in the Palace of Justice’

Pamplona (EFE).- There are no more courts in the Pamplona Palace of Justice, the president of the Superior Court of Justice of Navarre (TSJN), Joaquín Galve, warned this Friday, complaining, in the opening act of the judicial year , that in the past two years the promises of the administrations for the construction of a new courthouse added to the current one have not been fulfilled.

“There is no room for more courts in this building,” says the president of the chnya, who explained that the second commercial court to be commissioned by the end of this year will have to share space with the existing court.
The possible creation of another judicial body “would force it to establish itself outside this building, or remove other courts or services from it, with the economic consequences this would entail, in addition to the inconvenience it would entail”, warned Galve, emphasizing that “the citizen benefits the proper functioning of justice”.

The lowest justice budget in Spain

In this regard, in his speech, he once again made it clear that, “again, the budget of Justice in Navarra is the lowest in Spain in terms of GDP, and it is also the lowest in terms of expenditure per inhabitant (52 euros)” .

In his speech, Galve claimed the “beautiful” statistics achieved despite having 10.6 judges per 100,000 inhabitants, the second lowest percentage in Spain, only among Castilla La Mancha (10.1), when the average national is 12.

Navarre currently has 71 judges, of whom 43 (60.6%) are women and 28 are men. The number of lawyers in the judiciary is 51 (15 men and 36 women).

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