October 7, 2022

Youth for Climate connects the energy crisis with the climate

Madrid, Sept 23 (EFE).- The demonstrations convened today in 20 Spanish cities by the Youth for Climate (JpC) movement are taking place this afternoon with a specific focus on the energy crisis, linked to the climate, and the demand for solutions both at the same time.

“Looking at the numbers, 1% of the richest people in the world pollute twice as much as the poorest, who make up the vast majority,” JpC activist María Crespo explained to Efe just before the demonstration began. people who will complete a tour from the Plaza Mayor to the Congress of Deputies.

Crespo has asked for “the most vulnerable people who cannot pay the same for basic resources such as heating” to be taken into account as “we are in the hands of energy oligopolies, who can play around with the price of electricity to their liking”.

The situation has “not affected all people equally”, according to the JpC appeal, and the consequences are “devastating for disadvantaged people”.

In her call for today, which is part of the worldwide mobilizations of the organization Fridays for Future led by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, “a change in the energy system is demanded, which brings energy closer to the people and contributes to the tackling the climate crisis.”

To do this, JpC is calling for a “model change” aimed at “promoting collective self-consumption, energy communities and energy efficiency”, in addition to paralyzing the installation of “new fossil infrastructures” and proposing “the immediate exit of Spain of the Energy Charter Treaty”.

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