August 14, 2022

Kerbal Space Program Celebrates 4,444 Years of Challenging Space Launch Physics

10 years ago, Digital Kerbonauts took a big step towards space games. When
was released on June 24, 2011, the astronaut avatar taught aerospace physics to hundreds of thousands of users. Although the game is in the early stages and the sun is only a source of light and not an actual star, Kerbal allows players to build a space program from scratch and then venture to other planets, all of which follow difficult and highly difficult rules. realistic.

Ten years later, the space community is still a huge fan of Private Division games. After six years of regular cooperation, NASA used Kerbal to introduce SpaceX’s Crew Dragon flight to new audiences in 2020. The European Space Agency invites players to recreate their own space missions in 2020, and also advises Kerbal on comet physics related to the popular Rosetta Comet mission. Various university professors also serve as subject matter experts and provide suggestions for the next Kanbar move.

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Kerbal Space Program (PC | Steam) with new hairstyles and emotions:
79% off! Save over $ 30 on the initial Kerbal Space Program to design and launch your own rocket and possibly get to Mun. You can save 40% on ($ 8.92) and 36% on ($ 9.56). View Deals 4,444 big-name gamers, including SpaceX founder Elon Musk and retired astronaut Ed Lu, have bravely tried this game on “The Everyday Astronaut Podcast.

” The creator of the xkcd comic, Randall Munro, worked at NASA before drawing his iconic comic, and once joked that he learned more about space physics from Kerbal than from physics class, even learning more about the “real work” from the space agency.
Although Kerbal does not announce the number of players, it is only on the Steam gaming platform. On a typical Wednesday, nearly 4,000 players were running their Kerbonauts at the same time. This does not include platforms on Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Version.

You can learn about Kerbal’s popularity through an agent, because the number of subscribers to the Reddit channel exceeds 1 million, the number of subscribers to the YouTube channel exceeds 225,000, and the number of official forum members exceeds 200,000. As of 2019.
It turns out that this game is so popular that the sequel “Kerbal Space Project 2” is being produced. The protagonist is Kerbonauts with wild hairstyles and emotions. (The pandemic postpones the Kerbal 2 space program from 2020 to 2022.)

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“We need Kerbonauts there to remind you that failure is indeed laudable and interesting , So you should have fun blowing up your rocket, because by the way, this is the more important thing you will learn how to do in the game,” Nate Simpson, creative director of Intercept Games’ Kerbal Space Program 2 told Space. com.
Through the Kerbal Space Program 2, the team expanded the “panic level,” Simpson said.

“For example, I think there are now four levels of panic rates, which are related to the amount of G force they are experiencing and the type of combat plan they are in,” Simpson added. “When things get really bad, they realize that it’s interesting to see their reactions to these things.” said Nestor Gómez Villanueva, director of Kerbal production at multimedia company Squad.

TheKerbal franchise started with an exciting The project, it consists of a small team that is surprised by the speed at which the space community enjoys their work. Development is not without challenges, because the team needs to keep up with the needs of the community while meeting the requirements of the Unity platform on which Kerbal is based.

The first Kerbonaut female, Valentina Kerman, did not appear until four years after the game was released in 2011. The 2017 version includes localizations for Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. According to PC Gamer, Chinese gamers were also angry with the translation of various characters into the language and “comments bombarded” the game in 2017.

Valentina Kerman, the first official Kerbonaut female, was introduced to the game in 2015.
Valentina Kerman, the first official Kerbonaut female, was introduced to the game in 2015. (Image Source: Private Division)
To this day, Gómez Villanueva said that balancing the requirements of all players is a challenge, after which several generations of visual and gameplay enhancements have been implemented. Over the years, a popular request has been a firework launcher, which players will see during the 10th anniversary celebrations.
“This is just an attempt to move forward as quickly as possible and try to reach the community,” Gómez Villanueva said. “I think the community is growing faster than the game. We tried to catch up with everything players want to have in the game, and we haven’t stopped since.

“Kerbal released two major DLCs in 2018 and 2019 Expansion package, including the Apollo moon landing program focused on “making history” and a robot parts outline called “breaking ground”. At the request of the players, the developer also added some features, such as more planets, reading deltaV or speed changes, and (especially at the request of one of the early testers) placing a light on your planned work surface Your task. The Kerbal team continues to monitor social media, forums and other places where players hang out. “We have been listening,” Gomez Villanueva said.
Screenshot of the “Making History” expansion pack.

(Image Source: Private Division)
This game is already inspiring a new generation of students to learn physics in real life. If the conversation with one of the developers shows any signs, Squad Kerbal co-chief engineer David Tregoning told Space. Com Your developer has a degree in aeronautical engineering from the United States and is talking to one of his former university professors.

“Because of the Kerbal space program, some people who attended university courses got into this topic,” Tregonen said. “In order to stimulate the enthusiasm for space in the fields of physics and science, [Kerbal] is a


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