August 8, 2022

Power Failure

Synopsis: Earth has been attacked by mysterious forces from space, but this is not like any attack you can imagine. The entire planet was deprived of energy and plunged into darkness; nowhere would work … except a random circular area in Eastern Europe, including parts of western Russia, southern Finland, Belarus, and northern Ukraine. It turns out that the position of the moon in relation to the earth protects this part of the world from lethal energy weapons launched from beyond the moon’s orbit. Now when the real alien invasion begins, the army is gathering in the “circle of life” desperately to save all the lives we know of.
Reason for recommendation: This is a very interesting Russian independent sci-fi film. Although there is no blockbuster budget, it has a high production value, a good performance, and an unusual story and a good ending make this a solid sci-fi movie worth the time to watch.
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6) Me, Robot
Except for one or two clichés, “Me, Robot” is not a completely scary sci-fi action movie, and Alan Tudyk snatched the show .
Except for one or two clichés, “Me, Robot” is not a completely scary sci-fi action movie, and Alan Tudyk snatched the show. (Image source: 20th Century Fox)
Synopsis: In the near future, every family will have a robot assistant/servant, and the tech-fearful detective Del Spooner (Will Smith) is leading the fight against the famous robot scientist Alf Dr. Reid apparently committed suicide by investigating Lanning. (James Cromwell). The investigation into Lanning’s death revealed a series of secrets and agendas within the huge American robotics company and the suspicion of murder without a motive to be persuaded. Spooner hardly knew that his research would lead to the discovery of a greater threat to humanity.
Why You Should Watch It: This is a big budget sci-fi blockbuster. Yes, it’s a Will Smith movie after all, but despite a few minor annoyances (mainly Shia LaBeouf), it’s not all bad. The plot of this film revolves roughly around the so-called three laws of robots proposed by Isaac Asimov. (Robots must not harm humans or cause harm to humans due to inaction. Second, robots must obey orders issued by humans, unless the order conflicts with the first law. Finally, the robot must protect its existence, as long as this protection does not conflict with the first or second law). Alan Tudyk has some good ideas and outstanding performance as a robot Sonny.



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