May 20, 2022

Space souvenir dealers introduce new “clothing labels” to space station

Small spatial ship payloads are trying to give a new definition to what it means that it will be a fashion label of “high-end”.
Spacex 23 Sales Commercial Services (CRS23) The mission of the International Mission of the Space Station (ISS) (ISS) is a small standard for NASA’s arcuate record labels. If you are exposed at least six months exposed to vacuum of space, the label returns to the ground, where it is sewn on shirts and other clothes.

“And the best part? You can own a person (or more)!” The memorial resellers of the online space are announcing their websites.
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Label, along with a few NASA and an international flag, explains the 4th payload of the space collective that will be launched at the space station as part of the Association between Aegis Aerospace and Misse and the Association with Technical Companies (Materials International Universe Station Experiment) Platform.
“Our Miss Platform strives to facilitate our clients to demonstrate the new technology, as easy as it can demonstrate the project engineer of the useful load MISSE15”. MISSE The external spatial environment in which it is installed includes extreme levels of solar cells and radiation of charged particles, atomic oxygen, hard aspiration and temperature.

space collection labels and flags are menstrual concrete tests, they align with a series of material surveys attached to the MISSE platform. An experiment to determine the best material for portable radiological protection for Future astronauts of NASA Moon. Testing of pregnant epoxy resin compounds capable of resistance to leaks and self-curing space suit.

Video: Spacex Crs23 Space Station Science Payload Mission
Space Collection New Space Stand Sop Stand Link Step Sopt Reline Strings Shows Badge NASA (“meatballs”) and logos (“heating”) and limited to 100 each.
Space Collection New Space Stand Stand Boadt Ropensa shows NASAs badges (“meatballs”) and logos (“heating” ) and are limited to 100 each.
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MESSEE15 PAYLOAD-SPACE COLLECTION tag and flags-space x CRS23 Cargo Spacecraft. Saturday (August 28) at 3:37 AM (0737 GMT), Dragon leaves on the ground from Falcon 9 Rocket of the Space Center of Florida Nasa Kennedy and leaves on the dock at the space station after an increase in Osay Rendezvous . .
Expedition of the space station 65 Equipment After that moment, the useful load MISSE15 is thawed with other dragon charges, and to locate the space station using the station, Japan Aerospace Exploration Organization (JAXA) Aerulock in the Kibo module does it move. ■ Canadarm2 robot weapon.

“This NASA tag is the month [x] month [x] month, [x] day, [x] Hours, the International Space Station was launched into the X CRS23 universe. Through the mission, this label is traveling [x]. [Date] in [Date] in [Date] in [Date], Read Mefacex Dragon CRS [XX], read the label to add to the back to the ground.
AEGIS AEROSPACE MISSE (Material International Space Station Experiment) Platform
Aegis Aerospace Missosa Platform
(Image Credit: Space Collect)
is limited to 50. Collective space space flow label Show one of the blue, red and white logos of NASA blue badge. “Worm” -utile, be it red or black. The three label designs are 3.15 x 2.6 inches (8 x 6.5 cm) and are provided for t-shirts of men or women or several unisex color parkers.

The label is a limited edition 50, and it is different loose freely freely freely freely with any clothes. Labels are $ 125 with additional costy of clothing.

Each NASA, USA UU and International Flag of 4 × 6 inches (10 x 15 cm) are also available to Miss 15 and each one has been provided at $ 300.
Each item comes with a flight manual and a certificate of reliability for each item that fly as part of the collective payload of space. We will also update customers from Mission Milestone on social networks and their websites. The payload before the space collection included flags, embroidery patches, custom name labels in the same style as astronaut with a flight suit. The memories are established in 2019 and are flying under NASA’s policy for commercial activities at the International Space Station that will be updated this year.

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