August 8, 2022

Sunday live broadcast: Russian cargo ship leaves the space station to deal with old modules

Russia’s Progress 77 cargo spacecraft is scheduled to separate from the International Space Station this weekend, carrying the retired Pirs docking components.

The download now scheduled for Sunday (June 25) has been postponed twice, the first time from Friday (June 23) to Saturday (June 24). The Houston mission controller notified space station personnel of the latest delay Friday afternoon via radio transmission, but NASA and the Russian Space Agency have not publicly announced the new time or date outside of line.

When undocked, you can watch the live stream in the window above, provided by NASA TV, or directly through the agency’s website.
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Russia’s cargo ship ISS Progress 77 docked at the Pirs docking module of the Russian section of the International Space Station on June 2, 2021. Progress vehicles will remove Pirs from the earth-facing port of the Zarya service module in July 2021, opening the port for the new Nauka multifunctional laboratory module that will arrive in Russia soon.

Russia’s ISS Progress 77 cargo ship docked in the Pirs docking module of the Russian part of the International Space Station on June 2, 2021. The Progress vehicle will remove the Pirs from the earth-facing port of the service module Zarya in July 2021, opening the port for new Russian vehicles. Nauka’s multifunctional laboratory module will arrive soon. (Image source: NASA)
From NASA:’s scheduled undocking activity tomorrow is postponed, allowing the expedition 65 crew on the International Space Station more time to focus on today’s training, science, and maintenance. The Russian
Multipurpose Laboratory Module (MLM) was launched on July 21. In order to allow Russian flight controllers more time to check the status of the MLM, the disengagement of the Russian Progress 77 and Pirs docking module was postponed to Saturday in July. twenty four. Space station personnel have been notified. Disconnection of the Progress 77 and Pirs docking module is now scheduled for 8:28 AM ET.

NASA’s television station, agency website, and NASA app will begin the live broadcast at 8 AM.
On Thursday, June 29, MLM plans to stop at this station. Named Nauka after the word “science” in Russian, MLM will serve as a new scientific facility, docking port and airlock for spacewalks for future operations.
Once Pirs and Progress 77 undock from the space station on Saturday, they will perform a desorbitation maneuver to send them back to Earth and disintegrate in Earth’s atmosphere. In preparation, Russian astronauts Peter Dubrov and Oleg Nowitzki carried out a series of maintenance tasks today.

The crew is also preparing for another upcoming event: As part of NASA’s
Boeing Orbital Flight Test 2 (OFT2) mission, Boeing’s CST100 Starliner is scheduled to arrive at the space station on July 31. NASA flight engineers Mark Vande Hei and Shane Kimbrough, and station commander AkihikoHoshide, an astronaut from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, received training on Starliner approach, docking and undocking procedures.

Tuesday Live Broadcast: Boeing Starliner OFT2 Pre-Launch Press Conference
Boeing’s Starliner astronaut taxi is scheduled to make its second unmanned flight to the International Space Station on July 30.
The mission, called Orbital Flight Test 2 (OFT2), will launch the Joint Launch Alliance from Cosmodrome 41 at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida at 2:53 pm on Friday (July 30) Atlas V rocket. US Eastern Time (1853 Greenwich Mean Time).

NASA and Boeing officials completed the flight readiness review for the next test flight on Thursday (July 22) and declared the mission “ready” for launch. The
pre-launch press conference is scheduled for Tuesday (July 27) at 1:00 pm. EDT (1700 Greenwich Mean Time), you can watch it in real time in the window above, provided by NASA TV.
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on July 30. Click here for more videos from…
From NASA:
NASA provides upcoming pre-launch events, Launch and docking reports the agency’s Boeing Orbital Flight Test 2 (OFT2) mission to the International Space Station. Scheduled to start EDT at 2:53 pm On Friday, July 30, OFT2 is the second unmanned flight of the Boeing CST100 Starliner spacecraft and is part of the agency’s commercial crew program.

The Starliner will use the United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket from Space Launch Center 41 at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. Approximately 31 minutes after launch, Starliner will reach its initial orbit. It is scheduled to dock at the space station at 3:06 pm. Saturday, July 31st. Pre-launch, launch and docking activities will be broadcast live on NASA TV, NASA apps and the agency’s website.

The spacecraft will deliver more than 400 pounds of NASA cargo and crew supplies to the space station, and return to Earth with more than 550 pounds of cargo, including reusable nitrogen and oxygen refueling system (NORS) tanks, to provide breathable air for the crew.

The OFT2 will demonstrate the end-to-end capabilities of the Starliner spacecraft and Atlas V rockets from launch to docking and returning to Earth in the western desert of the United States. The unmanned mission will provide NASA with valuable data to prove Boeing’s crew transportation system and the regular flights of astronauts to and from the space station.

The deadline for media accreditation for face-to-face reporting of this press release has passed. You can learn more about media accreditation by email:
NASA has updated its coronavirus (COVID19) policy to comply with new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Accredited media will receive more detailed information from the media operations team at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

NASA’s Boeing OFT2 mission coverage is as follows (all Eastern Time):
, Thursday, July 22,
at 6 pm Flight Readiness Review (FRR) media conference call held at Kennedy (or no earlier than one hour after the completion of FRR), The participants are as follows:
Kathryn Lueders, Deputy Chief Executive,

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