June 29, 2022

The best sci-fi movies and TV shows aired on Amazon Prime in July

You can see a real sci-fi treasure on Amazon Prime; you can watch more content for free through a standard subscription, and if you’re willing to pay a little more, you can watch more content too. So sit back and absorb some sci-fi from the safety of the couch.
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Sci-Fi Movie
1) Alien
USCSS Nostromo, Kane, Parker, Dallas, Brett, Ripley, Brett and Ash Commercial Tractor Team.
USCSS Nostromo, Kane, Parker, Dallas, Brett, Ripley, Brett and Ash Commercial Tractor Crew. (Image Source: 20th Century Fox)
Synopsis: The crew of a deep space commercial transport ship unknowingly changed route while they slept to investigate the origin of the mysterious transmission. After waking up, they went to the surface of a desolate planet and found a huge abandoned spaceship … and a very nasty alien parasite. After that, things got worse and worse.
Why you should watch it: Simply put, “Alien” is not only one of the best science fiction movies ever, but one of the best movies ever. period. The production design is extraordinary, the story is simple but the effect is outstanding, the tension is perfect, and the performance of each actor is incredible. Starring Sigourney Weaver, Veronica Cartwright, John Hurt, Tom Skerritt, Yafit Koto, Harry Dean Stanton, and Ian Holm This movie may be Ridley Scott’s best movie.
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2) Armstrong
Armstrong’s ease of handling his X15 made him a prime candidate for the moon landing.
Armstrong’s calm driving his X15 made him the prime candidate for the moon landing. (Image Source: Gravitas Ventures)Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link 
Synopsis: This dramatic, moving and insightful documentary tells the decisive life story of Neil Armstrong: from his childhood in rural Ohio, to the air combat in South Korea, to his steps The first step on the moon and the subsequent status of reluctant celebrities.
Why Look: Even before Neil Armstrong became the first human to step on the surface of a completely different celestial body, he was a unique individual. In this enlightening high-quality documentary, Harrison Ford folded many of Armstrong’s personal letters, telling the story of the man, not just focusing on the Apollo 11 mission. He is a laser-focused person with an extraordinary ability to stay calm in very difficult situations. He is not only an astronaut, but also a first-class engineer and very skilled test pilot. There are many images that we have never seen before, and when you compare it to the movie “First Man”, it actually depicts a more layered picture of this quiet but capable person.
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for free 3) Barbarella
“Flash Gordon” is…er, “Flesh Gordon”? “Barbarella is an iconic classic and a reflection of the spirit of the 1960s.
” Flash Gordon “Meet…” Flesh Gordon “?” Barbarella “is an iconic classic and a reflection of the spirit of the 1960s. . (Image Source: Paramount Pictures)
Synopsis: In the 41st century, the President of Earth appointed astronaut Barbarella (Jane Fonda) to rescue the famous scientist Durand Durand (Milo O`Shea) who disappeared in the area of Tau Ceti). invented the positron beam, which is a powerful weapon, and earth’s leaders fear it will fall into the wrong hands. Along the way, Barbarella has to deal with machines that cause death through sexual pleasure, a lesbian queen who can make fantasy come true in her dream room, and a group of women smoking huge hookahs. A poor victim is imprisoned in a crystal ball. .
Reason for recommendation: This classic 1968 film is an adaptation of the comics by JeanClaude Forest. It is without a doubt the sexiest sci-fi movie ever. It is an interesting reflection of that time. The world is freer and free of fantasies. Considering when it was made, the special effects are actually quite impressive, and should be considered as an iconic classic and interesting chapter in sci-fi history. Eat something before watching this, it will make it more interesting.


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