August 14, 2022

The Mars helicopter engine prepares for the 10th Red Planet flight this weekend

NASAs Ingenuity helicopter will soon reach double digits in the number of Mars flights.
4lb. (1.8 kg) NASA officials said at a press conference on Wednesday (July 21) that the helicopter may make its 10th flight to the red planet on Saturday (July 24) Flight. The
raid will investigate the raised ridge”, they added. Raised Ridges is a set of rock features in the Jezero crater on Mars. Ingenuity’s robotic partner NASA’s Perseverance Rover may eventually collect some samples for future return to Earth.
Perseverance and originality landed together on the floor of the 28-mile (45 km) wide Jezero on February 18th, an area that had a lake and a river delta in ancient times. In early April, Ingenuity deployed from Perseverance’s belly and began a one-month technical demonstration flight.
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The helicopter surpassed it in Five attacks during this period tightened. NASA subsequently granted an extension to the Ingenuity mission during which the helicopter demonstrated the exploration potential of the Mars spacecraft.
For example, Ingenuity surveyed a geological unit named Séítah on its 9th flight on July 5. according to. But NASA officials said that the Ingenuity image will help the rover team plan potential landing sites elsewhere along its projected Jezero trajectory.
Ingenuity also took some shots of raised ridges during an outing on July 5. But the helicopter and rover team wanted more photos of the site, which is part of a fractured system, and liquid water may have flowed through this system a long time ago. The
Ingenuity team has been pushing the helicopter’s capabilities during the expansion mission. For example, on the ninth flight, Ingenuity flew approximately 2,051 feet (650 meters), reached a top speed of 11 mph (17.7 km / h), and hovered at high altitude for 166 seconds; all records are this small. robot.
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“I have to say that when we were all sitting around waiting for the data to drop, we were very happy that the helicopter successfully completed that ambitious flight.” The Perseverance Project, Jennifer Trosper, manager of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California, said at a news conference Wednesday. The main goals of the
Perseverance mission include searching for signs of past life on Mars, collecting and caching dozens of samples, which will be returned to Earth through a joint operation of NASA and the European Space Agency, possibly as early as 2031.
Perseverance spent its first few months on Mars debugging its system and supporting the first Ingenuity flight, but the six-wheeled rover is now focused on its own needs. The task force member said on Wednesday that it has begun to search for life and is preparing to collect the first sample. This is a milestone that may occur in the next two weeks.
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