August 14, 2022

The Mars Helicopter Wit found a “heart” in the orbit of the Perseverance rover during its ninth flight (video)

Is there any relationship between perseverance and the originality of the Mars helicopter?
On Monday (July 5) for the final flight to the red planet, NASA’s 4lb. (1.8 kg) Ingenuity Mars helicopter photographed a heart-shaped feature in a track made by a six-wheeled Perseverance Rover.
“Heart” refers to the place where the Perseverance car briefly detoured before returning to the original road and continuing on, possibly to investigate some interesting rocks or soil. Or, if you tend to be less direct and less objective, the ground robot is sending support (or more) information to its air partner.
Video: See NASA’s Mars helicopter engine flying in 3D. Click here for more videos from … The car-sized Perseverance rover
landed on the floor of Mars’ Jezero crater in February last year. abdomen In ancient times, there was a large lake and a river delta. At the beginning of April, this small helicopter was deployed on the red ground and started five flights during a month, with the aim of demonstrating that it is feasible to carry out aerial explorations on this red planet.
Ingenuity completed the initial technical demonstration mission and received extended rewards to demonstrate the reconnaissance potential of the Martian helicopter. For example, the Perseverance team is eager to study photos taken by Ingenuity in Sunday’s attack, which flew over a rugged area called “Séítah,” the helicopter operator said.
“The rock outcrops captured in these images show the contact between the main geological units at the bottom of the Jezero crater,” Ingenuity chief pilot Håvard Grip and Perseverance deputy project scientist Ken Williford wrote in the flight 9 update on Wednesday. (July 7).
“They also include a fracture system, which the Perseverance team calls a’raised ridge’. Rover scientists hope to visit part of the system to investigate whether an ancient subterranean habitat can be preserved there,” based in the United States NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California.
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“Finally, we hope that the color image will provide the closest image to “Pilot Pinnacle”, where there is an outcrop, and some team members think they can record some of the deepest The aquatic environment of Lake Gujezero,” the duo added. “Given the tight mission time, they may not be able to access these rocks with a rover, so Ingenuity may be the only opportunity to study these sediments in detail.” The main goal of the
Perseverance mission includes searching for signs of ancient life on Mars in the Jezero apartment and collecting them. And store samples for future return to earth. When Ingenuity completed its original technology demonstration mission, the rover began to seriously focus on this scientific work. (All communications with Ingenuity must go through Perseverance.) The
Ingenuity expansion mission is expected to last at least a few months, provided that the helicopter remains healthy, during which it will fly approximately once every two weeks on average. As the last flight showed, the helicopter team has been pushing the limits of Ingenuity during the extension phase. On Monday, the helicopter flew farther (2,051 feet or 625 meters), faster (approximately 11 mph or 18 km/h), and stayed in the air longer (166 seconds) than ever before.

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