August 14, 2022

9 best beauty and beauty brands, from head to toe

Beginning at the age of 10, adolescence and adolescence are full of enormous emotional and physical fluctuations. Hormone levels fluctuate, causing obvious oily skin and acne, body odor, new hair, and hair that feels different (curly hair will suddenly straighten and vice versa). Ah, the miracle of the human body! Your tweens and teens may view these transitions with less enthusiasm.

The new wave of GenZ beauty brands is changing the conversation around personal care between tweens. KINSHIP / KALIA JONIEL
Of course, children this age no longer want to be treated like children and begin to emphasize their independence less intelligently.

I mean, they don’t want you, mom and dad, to be suspended or use any naive-looking products to treat the aforementioned physical problems. Back in the 90s, when I was growing up, before anyone even used the word “tween”, they let me go through this rough time through drugstore products.

I remember these products are contagious or too aggressive. It left my pores closed, my skin was flaky and dry, my hair was fragile, and my body smelled of stale and dusty baby powder. I have no nostalgia for those passing times.

Today, the rise of Gen Z personal care and beauty is fortunate to bring a new wave of brands focused on youth. Their formulations have been improved, many of which are free of synthetic chemicals and fragrances, attractive textures and easy to apply, fun and can Continuous packaging and a modern, gender-fluid mentality embrace the changes in adolescence (from acne to armpit hair) rather than stigmatizing them.

I Dew Care emphasizes interesting and affordable skin care products to solve the problem of tweening. I DEW CARE
The main goal here is: Let everyone develop good hygiene habits, reduce difficulties, and enjoy more fun. Of course, you can roll your eyes at creams that pretend to smell like birthday cakes, but if these products make your villain excited about washing your face and using deodorant, it’s a victory for everyone, isn’t it? ?

Ahead, the top 9 tweentoteen brands set a new standard for adolescent personal care, with its mild and effective formula (PS is also good for adults), affordable prices and feel-good beauty information.

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