August 14, 2022

Affiliate Marketing: Save money for marketers behind third-party cookies

With the disappearance of third-party cookies looming in the minds of marketers, the industry is pushing for new solutions to help replace this data. However, marketers can now take advantage of existing strategies that do not require cookies for accurate positioning.

I sat down with Anthony Capano, North American CEO of Rakuten Advertising (a leading ad technology company), and discussed marketers’ expectations of the disappearance of third-party cookies and how affiliate members can help them deliver solutions future. and much more.
Gary Drenik: With the death of third-party cookies on our doorstep, what must marketers do to be successful in the future?

Best Ad-Center Alternative

Anthony Capano: We cannot access third-party cookies because we use them irresponsibly. Instead of using third-party cookies to create authentic and personalized ads that enhance the consumer experience, we have adopted aggressive strategies that make them feel that the ads are too annoying and intrusive.
As an industry, the loss of third-party cookies should be a wake-up call: Authenticity is the only way to win over consumers. Marketers need to create an advertising experience that takes into account the many nuances of a consumer’s profile, from their demographics and location to the context of the content they consume and other things they might be doing at the same time. It’s not just the marketer who can see the superficial value.

For example, a nutritional supplement company may know that its target is athletes, but if it can find that the person is in the right time to accept the ad, it will achieve the most success. Consumers can be athletes, but they can also be mothers, students, and wine lovers. You are a well-suited person to position yourself on paper, but when you watch YouTube videos of your favorite fitness bloggers, you will be more receptive to companion ads than when you Google local wine tours. This also means that brands must customize their digital marketing strategies to optimize the right channels, platforms and partners to reach consumers at the right time.
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Affiliate marketing addresses these numerical nuances Strong Strategic positioning .


It enables advertisers to control where their content appears and to gain insight into the context of their frame.
In addition to enabling brands to carry out more sophisticated positioning, investing in digital marketing strategies (such as affiliate marketing) will also help them take advantage of the increased e-commerce opportunities brought on by the pandemic. A recent study by Prosper Insights & Analytics showed that nearly half (45%) of consumers believe that the shopping habits they developed during the pandemic will continue.
Prosperity forms buying habit
Prosperity forms buying habit behavior Prosperity insight and analysis
Drenik: What makes affiliates a future-oriented strategy?

Capano: Affiliate provides consumers with the real advertising experience they have been asking for without relying on third-party cookies. Conversely, affiliate marketing uses strong publisher relationships and contextual positioning to attract consumers at the right time and environment, when they respond the fastest. One of the most unique characteristics of
affiliate marketing is that it creates an experience that consumers actively accept. In recent years, with the strengthening of privacy supervision, consumers demand more control over their advertising experience, and many people choose not to follow the tracking allowed by targeted advertising. However, the data shows that when consumers add value to the shopping experience, they will actively seek discounts, influential recommendations, and even advertisements. Depending on the category, this is even more the case.
Prosper Influence of digital marketing

Prosper Influence of digital marketing PROSPER INSIGHTS & ANALYTICS
Since consumers have established a relationship of trust with publishers, seeking reviews, recommendations, rewards, etc., affiliate marketing is an effective way to reach out and influence consumers. They may accept ads, but they also have purchase intentions, regardless of whether they are in the research or purchase stage of the buying process.

By using affiliates, the same nutritional supplement company will be able to reach its target consumers in a way that matches their priorities, interests, and behaviors. When you read blog posts on high performance diets from trusted influencers, you are likely to accept advertisements for nutritional supplements that will help you achieve your goals, especially if you have been a blogger backed by free affiliate links. In addition to contextual relevance, publishers like this have powerful loyal readers who will seek general information, inspiration points, etc. from them. This includes suggestions for buying new products.

Capano: Advertisers’ control of contextual relevance in affiliate marketing is the key factor behind the authenticity of the alliance. Other advertising strategies that rely heavily on third-party cookie tracking are very useful for brand awareness and influence. But apart from terminology and blacklist sites, marketers have limited control over the environment in which their advertisements appear. When the advertisement is consistent with the content consumers are looking for, the intimate experience it creates sets the affiliate company apart from others in an environment where they feel comfortable and familiar.

By embedding content in an environment that has proven to be influential, affiliate marketing creates ads that complement the consumer’s online experience, rather than intrusive and untimely ads. This seamless integration is more authentic and localized for readers, resulting in higher participation and better advertising effects.
Marketers must work more closely with publishers and build better relationships in order to establish truly equal partnerships. Throughout the Rakuten advertising network, we see that publishers are more motivated

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