August 8, 2022

Another suspect was arrested on January 6, and the FBI stated that he spoke of the riots in the Capitol at Bumble .

According to a complaint filed in court by the FBI on Wednesday and released on Friday afternoon, 32year-old Houston resident Andrew Tucker was charged with assaulting police, obstructing official procedures and several other crimes.
Taake was accused by the FBI of fighting with the police outside the U.S. Capitol: allegedly poisoning a police officer, beating others with a whip-like self-defense tool”, and then walking around the Capitol, the whip was still there, The federal authorities said they cited surveillance video and body camera footage. According to the criminal lawsuit,
Taake attracted the attention of the FBI after admitting to visiting the Capitol, and sent a photo of him at the scene during a conversation with Bumble, and then he sent the information to the FBI.
An attempt to contact Taake for comments was unsuccessful.
Surprising facts
Taake is at least the second Capitol riot defendant to face charges for providing informants about Bumble. In April, federal agents arrested a New York man who told someone on a dating app that he rushed into the Capitol and “reached the hall of the statue.
Key background
The Ministry of Justice stated that it arrested more than 500 people in connection with the riots on January 6, of which more than 100 were suspected of assaulting or obstructing the police. Many of these suspects were arrested after publicly discussing their role in the riots. The two yelled during the Facebook live broadcast of the Capitol rape case. A Texas couple admitted that they fighted with the police” and complained on Facebook that the police used pepper spray. A Florida man allegedly posted on Instagram Several defendants were interviewed by the media under pressure on the police, a man allegedly holding the Confederate flag across the U.S. Capitol after his son will boast that he will work on Capitol Hill on January 6. Arrested.

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