June 29, 2022

Charity said that poor families need to choose energy

The charity stated that people who use prepaid meters should be at the top of the queue in order to switch to new energy-saving technologies that save money. The
National Energy Action is pushing for measures against hot and dry houses, and they say that some people were forced to leave during the closure to refill old electricity meters.
After consulting a number of charitable organizations, he stated that these old meters should be replaced first. 4,444 smart meters are installed in homes across the country.

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National Energy Action has talked with 130 organizations in the UK that work with low-income and disadvantaged energy consumers. Many low-income residents and renters pay for electricity and gas through prepaid meters, usually online, but they may also be paid by purchasing credit lines at stores and post offices.
Your report. News released on Tuesday indicated that during the Covid crisis, households with the oldest prepaid meters faced more difficulties in maintaining lighting and keeping their houses warm. Some people have to go to the store to pay the surcharge for the electricity meter, otherwise they could have stayed at home.
“There is clear evidence that during the pandemic, vulnerable energy customers who use old-style pay meters face unnecessary risks,” said Frazer Scott, CEO of Energy Action Scotland and co-author of the report.

Smart meter display unit
Image caption Smart meters are being installed across the UK
He said that replacing these meters should be the top priority for smart meter deployment and limit the amount these customers pay.

It is not easy to introduce smart meters into British households because of concerns about missing targets, defective technology, and some customers’ concerns about changing suppliers. However, this move was advertised as an opportunity to improve system efficiency by ending manual meter reading and saving customers money. Robert Cheesewright, who promotes the technology at
Smart Energy UK, said: “Access to smart prepaid meters can change the lives of families.

We must ensure that low-income, disadvantaged and prepaid customers benefit from smart meters and deployment.
The report was issued shortly after the charity Citizens Advice warned that gas and electricity customers are still plagued by inaccurate bills from Britain’s worst suppliers.


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