January 26, 2022

Love it or hate it, Chris Paul won the respect of basketball

“Damn it, it feels so good.”
For this person they called “point god”, this is a summary: 16 hard seasons, countless exchanges, a lot of injuries, countless hardships, we Those who watched outside completely ignored it.
even consider this season with the Phoenix Suns, or this playoffs: In the first round of the game with the Lakers, a continuous shoulder injury affected his health, after which he was forced to miss two games due to the WCF COVID agreement. game. Just the day before he completed his epic finale masterpiece in Game 6 against the Clippers, he had a wrist disease (not known to the public) that had plagued him throughout the series, so he underwent an MRI. .
But despite this, Chris Paul survived the storm.
The Suns made their way through the West and entered the Finals due to many key factors.
General Manager James Jones (the best CEO of the year 2021) was the mastermind behind building the list. Based on past executive decisions, he supplemented Devin Booker and Deandre with ideal role players · Ayton and other top players provide the team with enough ammo for all aspects of the game.
Monty Williams’ servant leadership attitude has created miracles for player development: The NBCA Coach of the Year is a rare combination of strict guidance and original love, allowing him to use a special way to Connect with players.
Frankly speaking, the Suns weren’t bad before the 2021 election (see: 80 points feel good on the bubble).
While all of these people have played a valuable role in Phoenix’s newest hit, Chris Paul is the torch that fuels it all.
The intangible assets it brings are rare in today’s games, and more difficult to find in single-player games: leadership, composure, IQ, and of course skills.
Victory is the name of the game. Chris Paul’s appearance took the lead in winning wherever he went, so much so that he won his own term in the basketball dictionary. Fans like to call it: the Chris Paul effect.
After New Orleans selected him with the fourth overall pick in 2005, he jumped into the NBA arena, averaging more than 16 points per game, leading all rookies: scoring, assists, steals and doubles. In fact, Paul is the second rookie in the league to lead in defensive scoring.
New Orleans’ on-court performance improved rapidly. Unless you’re very vulnerable, you won’t get the fourth overall pick without a trade. Although the team had nothing to do before Paul arrived, they slowly climbed the western ladder at his request.
The Hornets, after setting a franchise record of 56 wins, blocked the playoffs in 2007 and 2008, conceded 35 goals in their playoff debut and eliminated the talented Dallas Mavericks. Game 7. The embers of his fire went out.
Before being sent to Los Angeles in a highly successful deal with the Clippers, Nora will suffer two outs in the first round (200809; 201011).
There, Lobu City came to life. From 2012-2017, Paul, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, as well as many shooters and organizers have qualified for the playoffs six times in a row and were stumped when they won two division championships.
Although they have a wealth of talents and Point God’s performance is unforgettable, the group has never been able to overcome difficulties.
Then came the notorious Houston fiasco. In January 2017,
Paul teamed up with left-hander James Harden who was about to pitch. The pair immediately established their favorites as the best team in the West.
They dealt with matters in the first and second rounds of the playoffs that year, but after Paul was injured in the WCF game against the Golden State Warriors, Houston found that he could not sustain success in his absence.
Soon after, the relationship between Paul and Harden deteriorated, and Paul was sent to the Thunder to play for Russell Westbrook, which was earlier than a year when many people believed that CP3 was abandoned with age.
But his career has been a perfect record for a man not to be underestimated.
Paul and a large group of alien names scrambled into the playoffs, almost knocking down their old lineup, forcing them into a fierce seventh matchup until the end.
Then of course the Phoenix appeared in 2020. The number of
tells the rich story of its infectious halo, and every franchise it has just joined immediately increases its winning percentage.
But if these data are enough to support your resume, then your teammates will not only decorate you as a dear teammate, but also decorate you as a dear friend.
Deandre Ayton: “I love CP, man. That’s really the only teammate who really pushes me, like a big brother, he knows I have something I never thought of. I think this is what happened in my career The best thing about me.”
Devin Booker: “When we played for the first time, I thought it would be a sweetheart. But no, I immediately started talking to him [expletive]. He said, “We’re almost going to fight,” because a lot of times we have disagreements on the court. I love him on my team. Those are the people you want to fight. Those are the people you want to put on your shirt. You know when it is not a day when someone behind you supports you. Having a support system gives you the confidence to move on.


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