June 29, 2022

NV Energy: Heat no longer issue in sizeable energy outage Thursday in Reno

RENO, Nev. (News 4 & FOX 11) — A top NV Energy official told News 4-Fox 11 the unprecedented demand for power because of extreme heat did not cause the widespread outage Thursday Reno. At least 20,000 customers were without power — and therefore air conditioning — Thursday evening. Temperatures earlier in the day hit 102 degrees, breaking the record for June 17, according to the National Weather Service.
About 80% of the customers who lost power got their power back within 90 minutes and all power was restored within a few hours, said NV Energy vice president of electric delivery Shahzad Lateef. Lateef said an ‘internal equipment failure’ at one of the utility’s substations caused the outage. “Heat components can definitely contribute, but we have operated similar devices in much higher heat.
This happened at a little bit after our peak heat,” Lateef said. “These devices are not commonly impacted. Once we know more about what caused the contact to fail, we’ll be able to see whether it was corrosion or condensation or something else.” But it didn’t appear to be heat-related. Mary Lou Johnson, who lost power Thursday, said the outage caused her to worry about her elderly mother. “I was more worried about my mom.
She’s 92 years old, so when the power went out I got a little concerned,” Johnson said. Thankfully, Johnson said, the outage didn’t last long enough for her apartment unit to overheat. Lateef apologized to all the NV Energy customers who were in the dark. “First of all, I will apologize for the inconvenience that we caused them. We are definitely proud of our reliability which ranks among the top in the country,” he said. There were no major outages reported as of Friday afternoon. For the list of current outages, visit NV Energy’s website.

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