June 29, 2022

SB Nation reaction: it means absorbing energy but still needs as usual

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a poll of NBA fans. Every week, we send questions to the nation’s most active Phoenix Suns fans and fans. Register here to join Reacts. One of the biggest stories from the NBA
playoffs is the use and results of the official replay review. Officials are selecting matches without total coherence and analyzing and reproducing them frame by frame.

Although this has always been a talking point in broadcasting, it is not that simple. According to the latest SB Nation Reacts poll, more than two-thirds of NBA fans still favor the use of official replay comment. Although
has received general support, according to fans, there is still room for improvement. More than three-quarters of fans nationwide believe that a time limit should be set for official comments to prevent referees from watching replays for a long time.

Another idea that can help resolve the staggered nature of the last two minutes is to limit the number of repetitions the referees can do. However, most fans are opposed to it as an option. The core of the
problem, for many fans, is the actual desired outcome.

The increase in the number of cameras and technology allows everyone from officials to fans to see the latest in detail. But, for example, the most important thing is to see which finger hit the ball last. Or should the decision be made based on who caused the ball to go out of bounds?

Nearly two-thirds of fans believe that officials’ decisions should be based on the spirit of the rules, rather than strict legal provisions.



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