June 29, 2022

St. Louis’ latest city hardening Covid guide-see the complete list

The highly contagious variant of Delta triggered a further surge in Covid19 in the United States, prompting officials in certain regions to reverse the months-long trend of easing restrictions.
St. Louis is restoring its mask authorization. GETTY
Key Data
Starting from Monday, St. Louis will once again force all residents to wear masks. Harris County, Texas
, which includes Houston, raised its Covid threat level on Thursday and urged residents to wear masks when they are close to the public indoors and minimize general exposure.
New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell (D) issued an “internal mask consultation” on Wednesday, requiring but not requiring all residents and visitors to wear masks in indoor public places, regardless of vaccination status.
Local officials in Miami-Dade County, Florida, issued a joint statement requesting all residents to wear masks when crowds gather.
Officials from San Francisco, Berkeley and several other Bay Area communities issued a statement recommending that “everyone, vaccinated or not, wear a mask in closed public places.”
Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear (D) issued new guidelines, stating Pre-existing conditions should wear masks indoors when they go out, and it is recommended that even those who are fully vaccinated, if they “work in close contact with the public.” , also consider wearing masks.
In Ventura County, Southern California, officials issued “strong” recommendations requiring all residents to wear masks indoors, in public places, and outdoors with crowds.
Officials in Clark County, Nevada (including Las Vegas) also issued new guidelines, recommending that all people wear masks in closed and crowded public places.
Los Angeles County, the most populous county in the United States, has reinstated the requirement to wear masks, requiring all residents to wear masks in enclosed public places, regardless of vaccine status.
The Mayor of Orange County, Florida (including Orlando and Walt Disney World) issued a “strong recommendation” that everyone wear masks in crowded indoor spaces.
Austin, Texas, was officially withdrawn in accordance with a stricter set of Covid guidelines, recommending that all people at high risk for Covid complications should wear a mask in public, avoid crowds, and not travel unless necessary. .
Yolo County, Sacramento, California issued guidelines requiring all residents, even those who are fully vaccinated, to wear masks in enclosed public places.
The Mississippi Department of Health issued new guidelines on July 9 stating that all residents 65 and older and those with underlying chronic illnesses should stay away from large indoor gatherings.
large number
7.77%. According to the Mayo Clinic, this is the increase in the positive rate of Covid in the United States. This is more than four times the positive rate in mid-June, when the positive rate was about 1.65%. Key background of
The highly infectious Delta variant of
has been recognized by the CDC as the major strain of Covid19 in the United States, prompting a renewed call for unvaccinated people to be vaccinated. According to the CDC, nearly 68% of adults in the United States have received at least one Covid injection, but vaccination rates vary widely across the country. Mississippi has the lowest rate, with only about 37% of residents receiving injections. This is a particularly disturbing number because the state’s health official, Dr. Thomas Dobbs, tweeted last week that Delta Airlines accounted for “almost all cases” in Mississippi. US health officials are also concerned that young people are highly hesitant to vaccines, because the Delta variant seems to cause more severe Covid cases among young people than other strains. Vaccines still seem to be very effective in preventing Delta variant infections, but the high transmission rate has raised concerns that there may be more “breakthrough cases”-Covid19 cases in the fully vaccinated population.
Surprising facts
World Health Organization officials said last month that fully vaccinated people should wear masks and maintain social distancing in public to combat the Delta variant, but the CDC disagrees. The CDC guidelines say that only unvaccinated people can wear masks, and fully vaccinated people can largely return to their pre-pandemic lifestyle.

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