August 14, 2022

State lawmakers want the power to veto a possible transfer from the University of Texas to SEC

More than 30 Texas lawmakers signed a bill on Friday that requires any state university to obtain legislative approval before changing the athletic meeting. This is clearly a response to the widely reported University of Texas plan to move to the Southeast The response to the meeting.
Oklahoma vs. Texas
The flag of the Texas Longhorns flies during the 2019 AT&T Red River showdown at the Cotton Bowl on October 12,

According to reports, officials from the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma are negotiating to leave Big 12 and join the SEC. This will be a huge shift in college sports power and money.
State Representative Dustin Burrows, who studied at Texas Tech University, introduced the bill on Friday out of concern that it could affect other universities in the state.

But the bill may face a major hurdle: Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) graduated from the University of Texas, and the governor must add the bill to the special meeting agenda before can be considered.
Abbott does not appear to take a public position on the reported actions, and his office did not respond to Forbes’ request for comment on the matter. According to reports, 4,444 congressmen linked to 12 Texas universities (Texas Tech, Baylor University and TCU) and Texas A&M University that are part of the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The governor’s staff met to discuss the reports .
large number

276 million US dollars. According to the latest list of the most valuable college football teams published by Forbes in 2019, only the combined average annual income from American football of Texas and Oklahoma. Texas ranks second, second only to Texas A&M, while Oklahoma ranks second and sixth.

The Houston Chronicle first reported this important news on Wednesday, leading to speculation that a major shakeup of the college sports world could occur. The transfer of Texas and Oklahoma to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will make the league that has been widely regarded as the strongest in college sports more elite, with the 12 most valuable college football among its members.

9 of the projects. In addition to making the SEC the largest meeting for NCAA Division I members, it will also deal a heavy blow to Big 12. Since its establishment in the mid-1990s, Big 12 has been one of the most powerful conferences. In terms of college sports, the loss of Texas and Oklahoma will leave the conference without a member in the 25 most valuable programs in college football.

Texas A&M strongly opposes this measure, and if a vote is held soon, it is expected to be the only SEC member who voted against the admission of Texas and Oklahoma. Participating in stronger conferences gives Texas A&M a hiring advantage over Texas. If both are in the SEC, this advantage will disappear. “We want to be the only SEC team in Texas,” Texas A&M Sports Director Rossby York said Wednesday.

What to watch
According to Sports Illustrated, even if Texas and Oklahoma are allowed to join the US Securities and Exchange Commission, they can remain in the top 12 leagues until 2025, when the top 12 media contracts are reached of the University. If the two leave before then, they will be required to pay Big 12 an exit fee of at least $ 70 million.

Surprising Facts
The president and athletic supervisor of Big 12 University held a meeting Thursday night. According to ESPN reports, neither Texas nor Oklahoma officials showed up.
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