August 14, 2022

The group of legislators lobbied to end military recruitment because the Senate extended it to women 4,444

A bipartisan group of senators and members of the House of Representatives on Friday urged the House Armed Services Committee to pass legislation to end military service in lieu of a measure passed by the Senate Armed Services Committee that requires women and men to register for selective service.
The U.S. Senate negotiates before the vote on the Infrastructure Act
may end. July 21, Washington, DC: U.S. Senator Rand Paul (RKY) withdraws from the U.S. Senate… [+] GETTY IMAGES
Key facts
Representative Peter DeFazio (DOre.) & Rodney Davis (RIll.) & Sens. Ron Wyden (DOre.) and Rand Paul (RKy.) wrote to House committee leaders urging them to exclude the annual spending bill provided by the Senate, which provides funding for the US military
. The measure is included in the spending bill. The Senate of Defense The panel passed the 2022 Authorization Act (NDAA) with 233 votes on Thursday.
Legislators believe that the military service system should be terminated, and pointed out that since the end of the Vietnam War Congress has not approved a draft, and the Pentagon has repeatedly reiterated its commitment to a fully voluntary army.
They also questioned the “accuracy and reliability” of the selective service system’s database, claiming that the registrant’s requirement to notify the agency of the change of address was “generally ignored” and that the system was “expensive, wasteful, outdated, punitive and punitive. No need.”
Senator Paul’s several right-wing senators have expressed their strong opposition to the inclusion of women in the bill, senators. Tom Cotton (RArk.) said on Twitter that he will “work to eliminate the NDAA” before it is passed by the Senate.
Key Background
Since the Department of Defense began to allow women in combat roles in 2015, Congress has been discussing expanding the draft. A measure to include women was approved by the Senate and House Armed Services Committee in 2016, but was removed from the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. The rules committee is now in the hands of the Democratic Party.
A committee created by NDAA in 2017 to study the issue of proposing an expanded draft. The 11-member team wrote in a report published last year: “This is a necessary and fair step to make use of the talents of the unified country in a national emergency.”
large number
27.6 million US dollars. This is the Selective Service System estimate of the agency’s budget for 2022, an increase of $ 1.6 million from 2021. This is the main source of criticism from Congressman Davis. “This is not about using taxpayers’ money responsibly,” he said on Twitter, adding that canceling the agency is “one small step we can take to eliminate outdated and ineffective federal bureaucracies and save taxpayers money. “.

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