June 29, 2022

“They’ve Seen God”: Biden Praises Republican Governor’s “Altar Call” for Vaccines

On Friday, President Joe Biden praised Republican governors and conservative experts for making stronger calls for Americans to be vaccinated against the coronavirus in recent days, saying that they have received “altar appeals” as the United States faces a resurgence of the virus. Spread the most contagious variant of Delta.

Biden McAuliffe
President Joe Biden speaks during the Democratic candidate campaign for Governor Terry in Virginia… [+] Related news
Key facts
Biden’s time in Virginia It was pointed out at the rally that “many of us very conservative” have come to publicly support the vaccine in recent days, pointing to Fox News experts and “the most conservative commentator or governor.”

Biden also spoke to Alabama Governor Kaye Wei said “thank goodness” that he is a Republican. He said on Thursday that it was time to “start blaming the unvaccinated” for increasing the number of cases in her state, adding that the unvaccinated people were not “normal people,”

“We are “disappointing us”.
Biden said he “sincerely congratulate” Ivey, Ivey’s state is one of the states with the lowest vaccination rates in the country, second only to Mississippi, Louisiana and Wyoming.

Biden campaigned for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia. The former governor of Virginia is campaigning to resume his old job. The president praised the state’s vaccination rate as “higher than the national average.” big number 28%.

This is the proportion of Republicans who expressed unwillingness to get the coronavirus vaccine in the Morning Consult poll released on Thursday, and another 12% said they were unsure. In contrast, 21% of independents and only 9% of Democrats said they would not be vaccinated.


At one point during the rally, Biden was booed loudly and his followers chanted “We love Joe” to drown them. “Let them talk,” Biden said of the interrupter, adding, “It’s okay. This is not a Trump rally. Let them scream. Nobody pays attention to them. ”


” Today, almost all hospitalizations and deaths from Covid19 occur in unvaccinated people. I know this is a bit politicized, but I hope it starts to change. It’s not about the screams of the red or blue states or the like, “Biden said in a witty tone.” It’s about life and death, “he added.

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