August 14, 2022

Tips For Managing Concrete Washout

If you are on construction, one of your responsibilities is cleaning pump lines, concrete pouring skips, concrete trucks, and any other concrete equipment that has been used on a construction site. Over the years, there have been many concerns surrounding sustainability in construction and how resources are being used. This has seen many contractors exploring ways to reduce the environmental impact on construction. In the past, people used concrete washout pits, but they were found to be unsustainable for the following reasons:,92940,92936,92961,92960,93007,93019,93069,93072,93087,93088,93104,93103,93128,93126,93147,93146,93155,93156,53170207.html,53170223.html

Requires more work and maintenance
High cost
High risk of tear or breakage
High risk of not being compliant with EPA
With that said, here are some of the tips on how you can manage concrete washout.

Treat Washout as Waste
As you clean your equipment, keep in mind that the wash-water is waste, and if not well contained, it will affect groundwater. Therefore, dispose of the wash water in the appropriate ways. Some of the places to avoid draining the wash-water into the streets, streams, open ditches, and storm drains. There is no reason that warrants disposing of water in any of these places. Also, do not dump or neglect excess concrete at the construction site unless it is a designated washout area.

Wash All The Equipment in The Designated Area
It is important that you wash your construction equipment, including trucks, in the right way and place so as to comply with EPA standards. Your truck and equipment are likely to create a toxic slurry when washed down recklessly. And even though it can be tempting to just wash your equipment wherever you find convenient, you will be destroying the surrounding environment and, at the same time, going against EPA’s rules.

Hardened Concrete is Waste
Treat any hardened concrete as waste and dispose of it appropriately. Therefore, do not leave any excess concrete on site. One way of disposing of hardened concrete is by contacting a landscaping company. They are always looking for leftover concrete to create things like a sidewalk.

Dispose of Wash Water Appropriately
As you wash your construction trucks and equipment, remember you need to contain the wash water. The most important thing is to ensure that the wash water does not come into contact with groundwater. The best way to ensure you contain the wash water is by looking up concrete washout in Virginia so that you get pros to handle this for you.

It is important to invest in good concrete washout solutions to ensure you keep the environment clean. This will also enhance your reputation and increase your chances of getting business.

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